Build a network of agendas

Whether your organization is a region, an association, a company with multiple branches, a network of agendas will allow you to get a holistic view of all your events.

You manage an organization, a federation, a territory comprising of a multitude of independent organizers ?

  • Deploy a network of interconnected agendas

  • Get the benefits of an online specialized solution in constant evolution

  • Get one-to-one dedicated express support

  • The events of your networks can be exported in a unified interface

Publish Open Data content

Your event data is:

  • structured following an international standard

  • are published under an Open Data License

  • Available in csv, xls, rss, ics, xml, json

  • reusable by our partners and all interested third-parties

Make your events available in all file and export formats

  • Formats include csv/excel, ical, json, pdf

  • Exports can be filtered

  • Events are re-used by third-party platforms as well as other OpenAgendas

  • Your content can be broadcast within a parent network such as a city or region a parent company or specialized media