Reference and broadcast all your events

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You manage an organization, a federation, a territory comprising of a multitude of independent organizers ?

  • Deploy a network of interconnected agendas

  • Get the benefits of an online specialized solution in constant evolution

  • Get one-to-one dedicated express support

  • The events of your networks can be exported in a unified interface

Are you organizing a big event ?

  • Manage a collaborative calendar

  • Customize your events

  • Moderate contributions

  • Display your agenda on your site

  • Export on all your channels: newsletter, paper, etc.

  • Get privileged access to a dedicated support contact

The events of your agenda or network is available for broadcast

Your events are broadcast on agendas of the platform as well as with our partners

  • Your events are structured following an international standard

  • They can be aggregated in other agendas

  • They are available for reuse by more than a hundred media, including Le Parisien, Ouest France, ViaFrance or TootSweet

  • They are embeddable in your your website



Launch now the calendar of your location, exhibition, festival, organization.

  • The cost is proportional to the degree of customization

  • Example of users : Théâtre la Loge, ReedExpo, Salon de l’agriculture, Fête De la Science, Semaine de l'industrie

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Network of Agendas

You animate a territory, a federation, several local coordinators ? The network of agendas is for you.

  • The pricing is proportional to the size of your network.

  • Example of users: INA, Bordeaux Métropole, Journées Européennes du Patrimoine.

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