CUPS! Through the Eyes of Lionel Latham

Lionel Latham, gallerist in Geneva for 40 years, takes a personal and expert look at the history of this familiar little recipient – and its trusty saucer! – from the 1900s to the present day.

Tasse et soucoupe Porzellanfabrik Langenthal A.G. (Suisse), vers 1976 Porcelaine moulée, décor imprimé (tasse), émail noir sur avers (soucoupe) Don Cyril Calame, 2017 © Photo : Jean-Marc Cherix

An everyday, collectible or historical object, the cup has always reflected evolutions in the stylistic and decorative tastes of its contemporaries.

Produced in all shapes and sizes by many generations of craftsmen and manufacturers, it has also become, over time, a true medium of expression for designers and artists. Whether left bare or decorated with motifs, the cup seduces us by its elegant lines or surprises us by the inexpedient appearance of certain examples. Or when visual pleasures transcend those of our taste buds...