FVZZ POPVLI / i / fuzz psyche stoner

FVZZ POPVLI / i / fuzz psyche stoner

Founded in Rome by Pootchie and Datio in A.D. MMXVI, the idea was to form a powertrio with a direct and rough way to deliver heavy fuzzy riffs. Their sound melts Black Sabbath style heavy riffs with the roughest garagepunk bands attitude -like The Stooges-, adding the psychedelia from the 70's to create their own style!
The band released and promoted an "EP" in May 2017, with a promotional tour in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. In June 2017 they became a part of Heavy Psych Sounds Records (Brant Bjork, Nick Olivieri, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man, Nebula, Giöbia, Duel, Black Rainbows.) roster to promote their first album "FVZZ DEI". Out in September 2017, the album has brought the band on more than 70 european stages in 8 countries, giving them the chance to play in the mysterious DUNA JAM. In June 2018 the band recorded their 2nd album "MAGNA FVZZ", which has been released in October 2018 followed by a 75 gigs european tour, with highlights in festivals like HPS Fest, Le Grand Incendie, Gouha, Berlin Swamp Fest and Tabernas Desert Rock Festival. In 2019 the band signed with the indie r'n'r label RETROVOX to release their 3rd studio album named FVZZ POPVLI III in March the 4th 2023.
Fvzz Popvli, among others, shared the stage with: White Hills, Black Rainbows, Naxatras, Giöbia, Karma To Burn, Rotor, Zodiac, DYSE, Powder for Pigeons, Lili Refrain, Hypnos, The Tazers, The Midnight Ghost Train and much more.

" III " is the third studio work of the Roman band FVZZ POVLI, recorded live a t Big PineCreek Recording Studio in Parma in February 2020 under the supervision of Carlo Izzo (engineering, mixing, mastering), chief of RETROVOX Records .
The musical themes deviate considerably from previous works, favoring a more garage - acid rock - punk style, compared to the stoner-psych sound of the first two albums.
Stooges, Dead Boys, Agent Orange, Hawkwind, Ty Segall, Motorhead, Misfits are some among the bands that have most influenced the sonic-compositional landscape of the LP.
The album title, " III," was chosen as an element of detachment from the ferocious categorization of the modern musical landscape: "Either you listen to the record, or you'll never know what we're talking about."

Wir haben Varianz, Brutalität, Psych, alles, was man so für eine gute Platte braucht.
8.8/10 - Reverb Is for lovers

Un acto de rebeldía propio de salir de las cavernas de los 70 y su lema más protestante por el contenido del mismo, desde el sonoro, hasta el lírico. Es un disco mucho más oscuro que cualquier otro que hayan hecho bajo este nombre, pero también pienso que el camino elegido para la ocasión les desmarca a tierras de mayor reconocimiento. La corriente stoner/doom cada vez está más masificada, sin embargo el heavy psych y sus muchas conexiones puede llevarles a la destreza más reconocida de los romanos que vuelven descargando toda esa rabia en este enérgico “III”. - La Habitacion 235

"Magna Fuzz (The Great Fuzz) literally does what it says on the tin. This short but sweet album takes you on an astral journey through seven tracks of fuzz-laden psyched-out rock. Opener “And Let Die” seduces you in with an infectious scuzzy riff, caterwauling vocals and a face melting solo – ladies and gents, Fvzz Popvli have entered the room." - The Moshville TImes UK

"More than anything else, Fvzz Popvli sound like a band moving in the right direction. They’re headed toward finding a niche between their points of inspiration that is becoming their own sound, and in the meantime, an emerging sense of songwriting and aesthetic craft serves them well on this sophomore outing." - The Obelisk

"Magna Fvzz: una lampeggiante, distorta, travolgente marea fuzz psichedelica che li sbalza dritto nell'empireo delle più interessanti band del piaeta heavy psych." - 82/100 - Rumore Mag

"Daraus wird dann ein überdrehtes Heavy-Psych-Album auf dem gleichnamigen Label, dass bei aller Härte des Sounds auch Metal-Hasser mit ins Boot holen kann, eine Eigenschaft, die auch die MELVINS stets vorweisen konnten. Der Fuzz der Götter ist eine kompromisslos harte Angelegenheit, Melodien sind auch eher rar, und dennoch oder gerade darum ist die Anziehungskraft des Albums beinahe unheimlich." - 8/10 - OX Fanzine

Avec pertinence et talent, Fvzz Popvli offre une suite logique et affirmée à son projet et poursuit sa marche en avant. Magna Fvzz est un excellent album de rock’n roll et tous les amateurs de gros fuzz et autres délires psychédéliques seraient bien inspirés d’y arrêter une oreille (ou deux)! - 7.5/10 - Desertrock.com

"This is a fantastic debut album drenched in psyche-heavy riffs, hard-hitting garage rock and so much fuzz you’ll need to shave afterwards." - Moshville.co.uk

"Heavyness und Verzerrung prägen eine unkontrollierte Reise in die tiefen Abgründe des Rauschs. Macht sicher «unter dem Einfluss» noch deutlich mehr Spass. Man muss im Übrigen die thematische Verschmelzung von römischer und fuzziger Kultur lobend erwähnen!" - PITFIRE

"Cette offrande irrévérencieuse aux Dieux de la fuzz augmente les espèrances concerant le trio italien. "Fvzz Dei" revive la foi dans la musique, er nous donne evie de nous retoruver dans l'arène très prochainement pour constater l'évolution du groupe. Alea Jacta Est comme disait l'autre." 4/5 Rock Ur Life

"Menzione a parte va dedicata alla traccia finale “Shamother”, che contiene le idee migliori del combo nostrano e le fonde in una lunga simil-suite (oltre 10 minuti) molto riuscita che non tende mai all’autoerotismo sonoro ma a tenere sempre l’ascolto sul pezzo." Grind On The Road 7.5/10

Fvzz Popvli shared the stage with bands like: White Hills, Gozu, Hypnos, Heat, Naxatras, Monkey3, The Midnight Ghost Train, Libido Fuzz, Mother Engine, The Tazers and many more!

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