Exhibition "On the wings of the world - Audubon"

Presentation of original plates of the album

© Royer/Grolleau/ed. Dargaud

The exhibition presents the plates of the album that narrates the true story of the first American scientist - of French origin and naturalized American, entered the National Pantheon. In 1810, John James Audubon embarked on the Mississippi for his first voyage of exploration. The purpose of this man with a tumultuous destiny? Discover and paint all the birds of the continent. Because J.J. Audubon is an excellent painter, but also a true adventurer, because he wants to see animals in their environment to better represent life. It is the wild world of America of the early nineteenth century that it faces in a true naturalistic western, beautifully depicted by the authors. A tumultuous and hectic life for this master of ornithology.

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