Beyond, a documentary photographic series in Dubai

Coming from the collaboration of the photographer Franck Boutonnet and of the ethnographer Philippe Somnolet, Beyond gives has ̀ see and has ̀ understand(include) the permanent construction site(work)

CAUE Rhône Me tropole receives exhibition(exposure) Beyond and pursues the exploration of reports(relationships) between city and nature, this time far from our me tropoles europe ennes. In ̀ the origins a modest hits of peach(fishing), Dubai ̈ became in the course of the siècle XXth century a city created by any pièce in limit of the de sert. In ̀ fault the sensibilite of their crossed approach, the authors question jointly the place(square) of nature and the place(square) of the man at the heart of this modèle of generative development of artificial and frenetic urban landscapes. This exhibition(exposure), centered on the Middle East, calls out(questions) to the modalities(methods) of implementation of these new cities of the siècle XXth century has ̀ the research(search) for a second economic breath. The collaboration between Franck Boutonnet and Philippe Somnolet finds its origin in Lebanon, in a first collaborative project, Highway, which lays down the principle of photographic paysagère series as documentary work. Franck Boutonnet and Philippe Somnolet make both of the frequent round trips in Lebanon since 2005. They meet in 2008 has Lyons ̀ and it does not need(is not needed) to them for a long time to realise that the one photographed what other one wrote, both marking by the landscape dazing with the Lebanese highway. In four chapters, Beyond feels(experiences) its systematic with there, as matière documentary, the real elements of the landscape of Dubai ̈. Beyond uninterrupted has ̀ take literally him(it) and questions what establishes(constitutes) him(it). Behind Billboards, as a wink(allusion), makes us travel(browse) Dubai ̈ in the back of the huge advertising hoardings, face has ̀ the material reality of these fences put in the desert. They line(mark out) these nonstandard places advertising and real-estate promotion(class) of which follows itself in a continuous movement. Mark workforce of essential and excessive, series question gap between first side and back of urban project. Workers follows this track(runway) and confronts the real place(square) of the workers in landscape that they bâtissent and maintain but live that has the margin ̀. Trees invites another element cross in these peripheries(outskirts). Trees, relics of the pass of this territory, are returned in the centre of futuristic landscape and question the present which stretches between two. Workfields dives into the aesthetics of current(in class) work and extends the slogan meet , «future simple percentage now», present is under construction, landscape it is it. Saturday possibility of following a visit commented at 15 h 30 and at 17 h 30. For a group, thank you for reserving to CAUE Rhône Metropolis.

culture, climate, city, nature, territory, landscape, photography, anthropology, dubaï