Canal+ Series Lab (Poland)

The 6th international edition of CANAL+ SERIES LAB – a programme for scriptwriters, directors and producers – is now starting. (Submit your entries by November 10th)

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CANAL+ SERIES LAB is a programme addressed to screenwriters, directors and creative producers whose professional work involves the creation and development of TV series. The call for proposals in this year’s international edition will open online on October 19th and close on November 10th. The selected projects will be announced, and the first online session will start in December. The 6th edition will last until April 2021 and the best projects will be handed over for further development.

CANAL+ SERIES LAB is a meeting place for creators of series. Created five years ago to share experiences, inspire each other and build relations. We want to support the creators in the development of premium series. We expect projects diversified in terms of genre, with a strong underlying concept. We will develop the projects selected in teams, under the guidance of renowned script consultants. The best will be approved for production and ultimately for release. As part of the first edition in 2016, we developed, among others, the series “Klangor”, which is currently being produced, and its screenwriter is Kacper Wysocki – says Anna Różalska director of original and co-productions at CANAL +.

The partners of the 6th edition are StudioCanal, M7 Group and Kino Świat. Patronage is provided by the Polish Screenwriters’ Guild. The 6th edition programme consultant is Matthieu Darras, designer & director of several film/talent development programs such as the First Cut Lab, the Pop Up Film Residency, and the Full Circle Lab. The lab will be conducted by producer and script consultant Naomi Levari and Laura Piani (writer for season 6 of Spiral). The projects will be developed under the supervision of experienced producers, Leszek Bodzak (who produced the series The King of Warsaw), as well as Piotr Dzięcioł and Łukasz Dzięcioł (producers of the series Raven – seasons 1 and 2 and of the series KLANGOR).

The 6th edition of CANAL+ SERIES LAB is closed to the general public. We invite scriptwriters and teams (writer, director, producer) with series at the stage of early development. In particular, we are looking for projects with talents from France and Central Europe attached, that have potential for co-production with Poland.

How to apply?

Your series project entry should include the following:
- Logline – max 100 characters,
- Season synopsis – max 100 words,
- Detailed season synopsis – max 3 pages,
- Treatment – max 1 page,
- Short bio of the author.

Please submit your entries by November 10th using the form available at

Participation in the program is free of charge, the courses will be conducted in English.