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L’intérieur de la chapelle est en pleine restauration grâce à Jean-Marie Broutée (alias JMBey) artiste professionnel : les murs retrouvent les couleurs et les motifs imaginés par nos prédécesseurs.

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About the venue

32380, Mauroux
  • Édifice religieux

In 1779 at the time when France faced(dealt with) an epidemic of dysentery which is going to make 175 000 deaths and where the serfdom on the royal domains was deleted(eliminated) the inhabitants of a small municipality of the Gers finished(ended) realising the wish of a native of the country: François Claverie thinks "Toulouze". The latter(This last) having made a fortune "in Americas" had left 15 000 Tours pounds in 1729 to its parish for the construction of a chapel where would be every day said a whisper(low mass) for the safety(salute) of its soul. This building of style Regency is along 21 m and open sea of 7 m, with which is joined a sacristy. The bell tower culminates in 12 m. The unique(only) nave, from regular shape, includes three topped, stony altars each of the painting(chart) in the oil, a beautiful forum(stand) and font. A wooden pulpit sculpted was installed(settled) there on April 22nd, 1863\. From 2002 works of consolidation in association with the Heritage foundation were begun(undertaken) by the municipality to face up risk of degradation of the bell tower and of flights(leaks) of the roofing and a picture(board) " The Crucifixion ", dating the XVIIIth century was entirely restored. Once entirely restored this building will be able as in the past gather(combine) the inhabitants of surroundings for diverse cultural activities. This building(ship) gathers(collects) us and serves us as catalyst on initiatives by grouping(including) generations and social coats(layers) in the same and unique(only) purpose: pass on(transmit) in the future generations the inheritance of our old(former).

Access: Secondary road 13

Chapelle de Saint-Martin-las-Oumettes