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musée E.Clerc

guided tour of the museum, workshop(studio), projection of a documentary (on reservation)

About the venue

440 route de la Rosette, 97160 Le Moule
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Museum created in 1984, public institution placed under the control of the Directorate of French Museums. Permanent exhibition of archaeology, temporary exhibition(exposure) of art, auditorium and library(bookcase). Place of knowledge and of exchanges, the departmental Edgar clerk museum is devoted to pre-Colombian archaeology. In a first part, exhibition(exposure) allows to the public to rediscover works of Edgar clerk on the sites of Big(Great) - Earth(Ground) such as Morel, and the exceptional discoveries which he brought to light there. Exhibition(Exposure) shows how its works pioneers allowed to redefine the Amerindian chronology in Guadeloupe and to tackle(approach) certain aspects of the everyday life of the American Indians during the first pre-Colombian periods (200 av(avenues). J.C. – 800 ap. J.C.) especially the pottery, fineries and three - points. In a second part, exhibition(exposure) presents for the first time to the public researches(searches) for the university of Leiden on major sites of Big(Great) - Earth(Ground), as that of Anse-à-la-Gourde. Later (600 - 1500 ap. J.C.), these sites supplement our chronological vision with regard to(compared with) Edgar clerk and especially brought totally innovative data on the housing environment or Amerindian funeral customs. A pedagogic route(course) on the Amerindian plants was done up in the park of the museum. The Amerindian garden of curative plants, in free access, can be visited with a gardener - guide the morning. Endowed with a service(department) of the public, the museum receives the school groups and CLSH throughout the year. The children can participate in different pedagogic workshops(studios) (adornos, pottery, petroglyph...) available according to the number of children and the time(weather) planned(provided for) on the spot.

Access: There from He(She,It) In Sad water, to take direction(management) The Mould. Before the market town, at the level of the chapel, take the direction(management) of Young-channel(-canal); the museum is in 400m to the right. There from Saint François after the bridge(deck) of the bay(berry), take direction(management) Young-channel(-canal).

Musée départemental Edgard Clerc