« The inventory of the remarkable trees of Reunion(Meeting)»

Conference: presentation(display) of a selection of trees of the inventory of the remarkable trees of Reunion(Meeting)

Photo fonds CAUE de La Réunion

Trees are fascinating living beings. Paradoxically, they are often forgotten and respected enough. A tree can be remarkable for a lot of reasons: it is huge or very big(great), he has a not very common and splendid blooming, it is a place of life in a district, it is the support(medium) of faiths to make better known the plant heritage which represent the beautiful trees, CAUE threw(launched) in April, 2016 a participative regional inventory of remarkable trees. Every person knowing a remarkable tree about these eyes can indicate it. Trees so identified are then studied by experts – the Piédboi commission - before being included into inventory. This conference suggests presenting a selection of trees among the trees of inventory. Livened up(Led) by CLEMENT AQUILINA, landscapist in CAUE and organizer(presenter) of inventory. Action carried out in partnership with the National Botanical Academy of Mascarin.

About the venue

2, rue du Père Georges Colimaçons, 97436 Saint-Leu
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L'ancien domaine de la famille de Châteauvieux (1857-1985), aujourd'hui propriété du Département, abrite le jardin botanique de La Réunion. La villa, de style néo-classique, et ses dépendances agricoles restaurées présentent des expositions permanentes et temporaires.

Access: RD 12, soit par la nationale en passant par Saint-Leu, soit par la route Hubert-Delisle (axe Trois-Bassins - La Chaloupe Saint-Leu).

Mascarin - Jardin botanique de La Réunion