The sacred art of the cathedral of Fort-de-France, free visit

A jewel to be discovered or to rediscover during Heritage Days.

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The cathedral Saint-Louis owes its name to Louis IX king of France called also Saint-Louis, boss of the parish at the time of edification in 1667. Real real Goliath, it resists during the 3 centuries the successive déchainements of the natural elements: fires, tidal wave, earthquake and cyclone. Invincible, she comes back to life of her ashes every time more beautiful and promising. Today, the cathedral of Fort-de-France, can be proud of its last finery drawn in the 19è century by the architect Henry Picq. Neogothic style confers on him(her,it) an elegant, light and bright silhouette, adorned with its 19 stained-glass windows. But not that! Stained-glass windows of the XIXth century of Néret, wooden pulpit sculpted, a table of precious marble communion, a cathèdre, without forgetting the huge arrow of 58,8 metres high which overhangs the cathedral and indicates(appoints) the sky. Mass on Friday at 6 h 30, Saturday at 18 h, Sunday at 7 h 30 and 10 h 30. Vespers on Sunday at 16 h and 19 h. "Strengthened(Rooted) well in the humanity history from here(by), on this martiniquaise earth, we are the ambassadors of Christ in the communion of the universal Church. "Father Jean-Michel Monconthour

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The cathedral, built for the first time in 1671, was destroyed again and again. Rebuilt for the last time after the fire of Fort-de-France (1890) by the architect Henry Picq, it is inaugurated in 1895\. It presents an inside trained(formed) by a homogeneous returned set(group) by its structure, its painted decoration(set), its stained-glass windows and its religious furniture. The great organ is inaugurated in 1922\.

Access: Streets Victor Schoelcher, Blénac Antoine Siger

Cathédrale Saint-Louis