The sacred art of the church of the Lorraine, free visit

After many renovations, the sanctuary welcomes you and shares its history(story)

@Annie Dufour

The parish of the Lorraine bore in the past the name of the river which crosses its territory, the Big(Great) - Handle. The term of Saint-Hyacinthe will be used from 1679 then in 1687. This first parish is in ruin and, in 1743, a second building is built on the location which is currently known. The church is considered at this moment as the church the richest in the island. In 1860, the father Mane declares that the Church asks for the construction of a new »very big(great) and very beautiful« church. Long renovation work begins then, restoration(catering) lasted decade and ended December 23rd, 2012 by lord Michel Méranville. Having attached to the character Saint-Hyacinthe, a Polish Dominican priest of the 13th century, several works of art the representative are placed in the church: a wooden statue, the Blessed Sacrament in a hand and the Virgin Mary in other one, as well as a stained-glass window close to the forum(stand). After many renovations, the sanctuary is ready for to welcome you and to sharing its history(story) with you. For the days of heritage, the church will be opened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

  • free visit of 6 h 30 - 19;
  • guided tours at 11 h, 14 h and 16 h 30. "With Eucharist and Virgin(Virgo), I spread(broadcast) in the City(Estate), love which goes until the end" father Godjo Sosthène

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97214, Le Lorrain
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