The house Saint-Charles, listed(classified) in conformance with(for) historic monuments since 1984

Visit of the construction site(work) of protection and of protection of the house Saint-Charles with the architects of heritage Matthieu and Juliet Prévost

Ateliers Prévost

Visit of the site and opening of «boxes with secret» on background sound of the artist Labelle. This project establishes(constitutes) a first stage towards the restoration(catering) of the listed(classified) monument Hhistorique. The whole «historic material(subject)» stored moreover, was "repatriated" on-site to be able to keep(preserve) it and study it. Shelves were implanted on the circumference of the building (facades before and lateral) and dressed in opaline translucent plates(patches), allowing to filter light while protecting vestiges. The night, the perceptible image since the street will resemble that of a bright livened up(led) shop window(showcase) «in shadows quibbles» by the historic vestiges in the background.

About the venue

28 rue M et A Leblond Saint-Pierre
  • Monument historique
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  • Exceptional opening
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  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir
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  • Maison, appartement, atelier de personnes célèbres
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  • Villes et Pays d'art et d'histoire

Ancienne école, la maison Saint-Charles est classée Monument Historique depuis 1981