Guided and fancy-dress tour

Discover the everyday life of the Lord of Rivau to Middle Ages.


Of the education of the young knights via(including) gastronomy, the children will discover the life of a Lord and his farmers to the Middle Ages. This discovery of the castle and its common(shared) concluera by a workshop(studio) on Calligraphy / Initial letters.

About the venue

Le Coudray 37120 Lémeré
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Listed(Classified) since 1918, the Domain of Rivau, located in 20 minutes by Chinon, benefits for 20 years of a very important campaign(countryside) of protection(saving) led by its current owners, the Laigneau family surrounded with a faithful team.
The medieval castle, common(shared) Renaissance, they too protected in conformance with(for) Historic monuments, were restored and done up to restore it life. 14 gardens were drawn by Patricia Laigneau which were labelled " Remarkable Garden " in 2003.
Furniture of time(period), stage design and muséographie mixing(involving) contemporary art and traditional works of art try to position Rivau as the Castle of the brought(moved) forward and living Val de Loire. No effort was saved(spared) by the current owners to share their passion of Heritage but also of contemporary creation to the visitors of Rivau.

Access: partly accessible(approachable) to the people with reduced mobility. In 20 mn of outing(exit) n°25 of A10 and 25 mn of outing(exit) n°5 from A85\. In 10 km in Chinon towards Richelieu.

Château et jardins du Rivau Le Rivau