MPV - Marketing At Retail Show

The exhibition for every point of purchase marketing solutions


Organised every two years on behalf of POPAI France, MPV is the one-and-only trade show that brings together an exhaustive range of marketing solutions dedicated to point of sale! For more than 30 years, MPV has identified market trends and moved with the evolution of large companies. In a context where the brands needs to renew itself to attract and secure the loyalty of its clients, MPV offers new thought leadership perspectives. It presents a complete view of all the marketing at retail solutions that help make the shopping experience a unique moment!

Biennal (once every two years)
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Professionals only
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4 sectors : POP, Fittings and Furniture: POP Advertising, Store furniture, Display stands, Shelf talkers, Endcaps, Testers, Display cases, Shop-in-shop, Store layout, Window displays, corner displays, ... Digital to-store/in-store: Screens, Touch screens, Interactive displays, Software, Content, Integrators, Mobile marketing, Web-to-store, ... Retail services: Design agencies, Communication agencies, Digital agencies, Shopper research, Sales force training, Efficiency measurement, Audience measurement, Sales promotion, Events, Field marketing, POP installation, Loyalty, Couponing, Merchandising, ... Materials and components: Materials, Lighting, Leds, Flooring, Wall corverings, Accessories, Adhesives, ...
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POPAI France
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Reed Expositions France, Paris
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marketing, shopper experience, innovations, retail, point of sales