Readings and music in the Priory Garden

Discovery of the garden. 5 pm readings: "around the Tree" & recital on Historical Piano by Alexandre Théodoulides

©Gilles Alglave

Discovery of the garden . 17 h readings: "around the Tree" recital on Piano historical by Alexandre Théodoulides

About the venue

Le Prieuré 11, rue Principale, Saint-Arnoult, Oise, Hauts-de-France
  • Medieval garden
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  • English garden
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  • Vegetable garden, orchard
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  • Private garden

With a surface of 7000 m², the garden of the Priory, with its manor of the fifteenth century, consists of a courtyard planted where the vegetal highlights the central pond and the architecture made of panels of wood, of cob, flint and brick and a small garden of medieval inspiration created in 2012.

Jardin du prieuré de saint-arnoult