Hardines de Ham & basketry demonstration

The Bold Ham & Basket Show...

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The Bold of Ham & Basketry Demonstration

Rdv 34 rue de Noyon in Ham Take the small road from 34 rue de Noyon, it will lead you to the bold bucolics of Ham. For this national event, we invite you to contemplate for yourself this place that invites you to daydream. To punctuate this stroll, you can stop at the basketry demonstration stand made by Corinne Sohet. She will share her passion for braiding from plant matter. Finally, do not hesitate to go through the plot welcoming recently the brand new market gardener Thomas Vionnet. He will reveal to you his plans of cultivation for this rich Hamish land. Also the association of the Ham hardy will be present on site for those who wish a visit. Duration: 3h00. Price: free