Sensory discovery of medicinal plants

Go to the gardens 2023


The association Natur'ailes offers you to discover the square of the simple by a sensitive approach of aromatic and medicinal plants. A demonstration of the use of ancestral and modern plants is also planned. Duration: about 30 minutes

About the venue

5, Avenue de la Marne, 52300 Joinville, Haute-Marne, Grand Est
  • French garden
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  • Botanical garden or arboretum
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  • Vegetable garden, orchard
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  • Jardin remarquable
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  • Monument historique

Traceries and topiary of boxwood, 365 fruit trees, maze, squares vase and curative propose an evocation of the garden Renaissance of Claude de Lorraine. Revamped in 2003, the picturesque park receives(holds) several rare gasolines(essences) among which nutmeg trees, mixed ash, bald cypresses... The circumference of its wall is occupied by a collection of 150 sorts(species) and varieties of boxwood, agreed by the Academy of the specialised plant collections.

Château du Grand Jardin Conseil départemental de la Haute-Marne