Reception of school children

Free or guided tour

  • Animation pour scolaires le vendredi
  • La transmission des savoirs
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Free or guided tour to discover plant legends and the ancient use of plants. Cosmetics, agriculture, magic, cooking, handicrafts and mythology will all be discussed.

About the venue

Allée Julien Laudet 32800 EAUZE
  • Monument historique
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  • Public garden

Public garden of 165 m² arranged within the green space of the archaeological site presenting the remains of a rich antique residence of the 4th century A.D. which was a place of reception and ceremonial of a notable local. Inaugurated in 2019 and enriched since, this small garden is planted with various fruit and olive trees, roses, laurels, thyme, sage and aromatics.

Access: Parking

Jardin de la Domus de Cieutat SIVU ELUSA Capitale antique