Free visit of the gardens of the old school

Free visit of the gardens of the old school of the village (garden cut into multiple spaces)

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© Christophe Leulier

Discovery of the gardens of the old school that were created 9 years ago from a virgin plot. The gardens are divided into multiple spaces: wooded spaces, open and sunny spaces, perennial alleys, rose beds, etc. The plants were chosen for their graphics (Many grasses structure the garden and give it lightness.) but also for their color (in a range of pink, purple and blue). If in February-March, the hellebores animate the garden, in June the digitalis, the perennial geraniums, the roses and other beauties take over. Benches and chairs are arranged here and there to take full advantage of the garden. A few ironworks adorn the garden.
An exhibition of miniatures created by a passionate woman will be held in the walled garden of the school where an imposing weeping willow grew.
Our friends dogs are not allowed in the garden.

About the venue

32 rue Jules Pedron, 27700 Guiseniers
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"Located next to the church of Guiseniers and the dovecote inscribed as historical monuments , the garden of the old school of girls of the village, enclosed by walls, of an initial area of 1000 m², was associated in 2012 with a plot of 2000 m² which was only a field. After 9 years of regular work, the garden is formed of many spaces where are mixed plants of collection and ironworks. Hellebores, euphorbia and grasses are the most important. These grasses are highly appreciated by the owners because they give rhythm and structure to the garden while giving it lightness". The tour is free.

Access: Parking on the square next to the church/ access to the garden through the portal of the property.

Jardin de l'ancienne école du village © Christophe Leulier