Discover the history of the park

In the space of an hour, you will plunge back into a historic site that has become a must in Eure-et-Loir, in the meanders of the great history of France.

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Saint-Simon, de Laborde, Louis-Philippe I, Dorlodot or Chambray will guide you from the time of Louis XIV until the time of the great hunts to race in an epic worthy of the greatest castles of France.

About the venue

2 Place du Vieux Marché 28340 La Ferté-Vidame
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In this vast domain of 60 hectares, the remains of a real palace of the eighteenth century are surrounded by an immense park. Majestic rows of lime trees highlight the ruins of the castle. From the Duke of Saint-Simon to King Louis-Philippe, passing by the rich Marquis de Laborde, the Domaine de La Ferté-Vidame, the largest enclosed park in Europe after Chambord, finds his drawings of French Park. A plunge into history in the shadow of the majestic ruin of what was a 167 room palace and the Petit Château transformed by the king of France in the early nineteenth century.

Access: Parking in front of the gates (Place du Général de Fontanges).

Domaine départemental de la Ferté-Vidame Office de Tourisme des Forêts du Perche. Gaël Renaudin