Visit of the islands garden

Observation of local flora and fauna.

© Alain Solviche

Welcome biodiversity in your garden

Fruit and nourishing trees and shrubs help each other in a luxuriance stage. Perennials and auxilliary fauna (birds, insects) find shelter and cover to actively participate in this subtle balance between hundreds of local or acclimatized plant and animal species.
The gardener observes, respects, welcomes, lets do or experiment... The exchange of knowledge with visitors is always a shared pleasure!
The visit can also be extended around a 2020 apple juice.
Friday, visits from 9h to 11h30, from 14h to 16h30 and from 19h to 21h. Saturday, visits from 8h to 10h, from 10h15 to 12h15, and from 14h30 to 16h30. Sunday visit from 10h to 12h.

About the venue

2 rue du Martinet 25330 Éternoz
  • Jardin vivrier (potager, verger, jardins familiaux, jardin de simples...)

A mosaic of dry or wet environments, with shade or full sun, lawns, weeds, hedges and groves. Garden-forest crossed by two streams: this old orchard is in transition to a gourmet garden, fruit and forest. More than 60 fruit varieties associated with feeder trees. It hosts on 6,000 m² the biodiversity of the flora of the wet meadows of the Jura and the detour of the plant islands, plants coming from elsewhere. Sometimes ordered, sometimes luxuriant, it hosts many wild animal species that contribute to its ecological balance and provide the pleasure of beautiful observations for young and old. Free visits by appointment.

Access: Parking at the wash-house at the bottom of the village.

Jardin des îles Alain Solviche