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Jardin du Real

The discovery of the garden is an introduction in journey across different sorts(species) of plants. We can learn there their origins and their different uses(practices). The Gardener passes(transmits) us on with passion, for our most great pleasure, its botanical knowledge. The garden presents you:

  • an arboretum compound(made up) of various gasolines(essences)
  • diverse aromatic plants with curative virtues
  • varieties of citrus fruits, of fruits, of vegetables
  • of beehive, hotel with insects, niches to birds
  • ponds decorated with aquatic plants and with fishes
  • old(former) rosebushes, conservatory The enthusiasts can exchange seeds there, diverse plants or advice(councils) for the pleasure to preserve and to multiply common or rare sorts(species). %link0% /

About the venue

Chemin de l'Ecluse 83390 PUGET VILLE
  • Private garden
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  • Botanical garden or arboretum

Since 2013, this association has as objective arrangement(development), improvement and enlargement of botanical gardens located in Puget-ville, (Var) with a view to preserving the plant heritage of the massif of Maures. He extends 2 hectares and allows to the visitor to admire more than 1600 trees and shrubs of the whole world and more than 1000 sorts(species) of plants.
This garden is open to the visitors all year long (by appointment) and allows to encourage a better knowledge of plants, trees, their varieties and their uses(practices). It is managed in an eco-responsible, respectful way of living being and biodiversity: no pesticide nor chemical, and respect of cycles of plants. This garden also serves as pedagogic and therapeutic tool for the pupils of schools around and other institutions.
We organise days regularly in the free access, with possible picnic on the site, sale of plants produced on the garden
- a weekend open doors enters the 1st and on May 15th of every year - a weekend celebrates plants at the end of September the beginning of October - a day hunts(chases away) in eggs the weekend of Easter
This garden also welcomes groups pupils, hikers, patients of establishments specialised of the canton, other amateurs' associations of garden.
You will discover to it, during winter, beehives installed(settled) in partnership with a beekeeper of the Alps.

Jardin de l'Association du Réal Jardin Réal