Stroll across continents.

Come wander on the Walk of the straw across the different gardens

Alexis Maïa, ville de Nice

Trees, shrubs, plants of all continents arranged to meet along this walk. Thanks to the magic of a Mediterranean climate, characteristics of which in numerous biotopes across world are found, Walk invites in a botanical journey without time difference, with promises of blossoming trees in every season.

About the venue

06000 Nice
  • Contemporary garden
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  • Public garden
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  • Botanical garden or arboretum

The Mediterranean Sea is widely present in this garden with holm oaks, majestic pines parasols or else cypresses of Provence. The central green ribbon(tape) which runs(roams) throughout Walk is complanté of olive trees, vineyards(vines), carob trees, grenadiers, fig trees and other plants of the South of Europe. In the location of the road former station, it is the Asia which tightens(stretches out) arms at us with its camphor laurels and its huge bamboos. A little farther, an Africain vegetation spreads(displays) instead of the old(former) parking lot of the Straw (phoenix reclinata, érythrina, flowers of Aloe.) . On the small public garden Leclerc, disembarkation(unloading) in Oceania and in Australia (eucalyptuses, stenocarpus sinuatus, tree brackens, huge ficus). On the old(former) forum Jacques doctor, it is South America which takes root (tipuana tipu, chorisia speciosa, arbrebouteille, jubea spectabilis. Journey continues in the garden Albert 1st, with North America (magnolias, oaks, walnuts, maples). Works of art contemporaries a big(great) ornamental pond, a big(great) space of misting and of games(sets) for children supplement walk The city forgets its horticultural past, here represented by a rectangle of no more than 2 000 plants of carnations(eyelets).

Access: Car park No, Nice-city station, Streetcar, Bus

Promenade du Paillon Ville de Nice