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Come discover the animals of the garden across diverse activities

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Agnès Dupoyet

Your children will be able to participate in the creation of animals in clays, of masks, discover animals thanks to colouring or else learn the origami.
You will also find a make-up artist on Saturdays which will transform your children or yourlself into real wild animal.
On Saturdays also, SSNATV will hold an animation on the discovery of insects.
Handyman, you will learn to build a shelter to hedgehog or niches to tits, of what to invite the wildlife at home.
During all weekend you will be able to take advantage of different exhibitions(exposures) which present certain sorts(species) of our gardens.

About the venue

Route de la Roquebrussanne 83170 La Celle
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The Castle of Escarelle is a vineyard ideally situated at the heart of Green Provence. 100 ha of vineyards(vines) of the property bloom in a remarkable case of 1 100 ha of protected nature. On a calcareous ground of gravel, staged there restanques, the plots of land of vineyards(vines) crashed up to five hundred meters in height marry harmoniously the hillsides of the Var and the mountain of Loube. Escarelle enjoys an exceptional period of sunshine and a big(great) area(extent) allowing certain plots of land, rather subjected(submitted) to a continental climate, to benefit from the Mediterranean sweetness

Château de l'Escarelle Agnès Dupoyet