ALIENS! Flora and fauna comings besides

Temporary exhibition(exposure) to the departmental Museum of the Var "ALIENS! Flora and fauna comings besides"

© Muséum départemental du Var – dessin S Hasbrouck

About the venue

737 chemin du Jonquet 83000 Toulon
  • Botanical garden or arboretum
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  • Public garden
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  • Jardin remarquable

This park receives a plant heritage of a rare beauty, come from East, from Far East, from Africa, from America and from Oceania. From the end of the XVIIIth century, Côte d'Azur(French Riviera) is the theatre of a large number of introductions of plant returned sorts(species) by distant lands. Indeed his(her,its) privileged climate allows many acclimatisations (palm trees and citrus fruits in particular). At the heart of the valley of the Tired, the property of Jonquet presents this classic composition to the entrance(admission), becoming more free leaving towards the Tired, where a big(great) ancient cedar stands out facing the big(great) meadow. To preserve this heritage, the Department of the Var becomes possessing the ground listed(classified) among the sensitive natural areas (ENS) and the experience thanks to the departmental tax of the sensitive spaces. After arrangement(development) the Garden of the Tired (Burnett) is open to the public since autumn on 2000\. At present, the range of the present exotic vegetables on Mediterranean coastal region considerably increased, and certain sorts(species) are same naturalized: mimosa, prickly pear, Judas tree... The park accommodates the Natural history museum of Toulon and of the Var today. These two spaces so echo on the notions of heritage.

Access: Free. Garden opened all year long from December till February (9h-17h), from March till April and from October till November (9h-18h) and from May till September (9h-20h). Museum. Parking lot. Picnic area done up.

Jardin du Las Muséum de Toulon et du Var