Bare visit of the park of the castle of the Rock

Come discover this environmental park to the hundred-year-old rhododendrons, created in 1908 by the family Chapal, the famous furriers of the Creuse, and opened this year unusually to the public.

© Thibaut Pichard

The guided tour will allow you to travel(browse) the whole park and explain you how its construction reflects the lifestyle of the big(great) industrialists of the end of the XIXth century.
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About the venue

2 chemin du Rocher, 23260 La Villeneuve
  • English garden
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  • French garden
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  • Private garden
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  • Ouverture exceptionnelle

Landscape park with century-old rhododendrons that was created in 1908 by the Chapal family, famous pelletiers of the Creuse. The park dominates the valley and cohabits on several floors three traditions: rock gardens, French and English gardens, with rare plant species for the region such as giant sequoias and Lawson cypress. The pond below is surrounded by a beautiful set of rocks with rustic bridge, false rock, balustrade and cave.

Access: Access by car along RD 941

Château du Rocher © Thibaut Pichard