Picnic at Castle Dyck

Exclusiv picnic with delicious offers, life concert and program for kids as well. Guided tours belonging issues of animals in the parc.

Wasserschloß Dyck (c) Stiftung Schloss Dyck

Schloss Dyck Foundation invits to a unique and exklusiv picnic for the first time. Near historic Orangerie several delicacies are offered. Guests may choose between siiting at a long table or bringing there own picnic blancet. Guided tours to animals in the parc. Children will enjoy to create their own fancy pockets with animal-motives. Meanwhile adults may join the life concert of a band called "Kabellos".

About the venue

41363 Jüchen
  • Jardin remarquable
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  • Monument historique
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  • Patrimoine européen
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  • French garden