Visit and discovery of the garden of the Manor of Bourgchevreuil

The garden delivers its secrets: visit of the rose garden, commented walks, discovered by the remarkable trees, the aromatic plants, the birds of the birdhouse... Jazz in the kiosk(pavilion) with musi

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Ville de Cesson-Sévigné - F. Philippon. Libre de droits

One day in the garden of Manor of Bourgchevreuil (XVITH - XIXTH centuries). Many play and pedagogic animations for all family.

  • The gardeners of the City of Cesson-Sévigné and the enthusiasts of botany of the Company(Society) of Horticulture of Ille-et-Vilaine will propose walks commented in the discovery of the remarkable trees, aromatic plants or of the birds of the birdhouse...
  • In the course of one of the paths of abundant rose garden, you will inhale ViaSilva ® The rose of Cesson-Sévigné conceived(designed) by the obtenteur Michel Adam.
  • Demonstrations and horticultural workshops(studios) around topiary Art.
  • Focus on the jobs(businesses) by environment and by landscape with the Agricultural and horticultural High school The Moor of Breil - Put together Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • At 11 h: meeting(appointment) in the kiosk(pavilion) with music, Jazz set, baroque music, flutes which runs across, piano etc.

About the venue

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Floral and botanical case located at the heart of the City of Cesson-Sévigné, the Park of the Manor of Bourgchevreuil (XVIIth century) receives a delightful French-style garden. Decorated with flowers all year long, it also shelters abundant one rose garden. Modern climbing rosebushes, bushy rosebushes, in big flowers (most are varieties conceived(designed) by the obtenteur Michel Adam) co-exist in a space lined with a hedge(hurdle) of arbours. Other curiosity: inspired by medieval parks, the herb garden and curative perfumes the place of delicate fragrances of sage, mélisse, thyme, mint, absinthe... To see also priest's garden and birdhouse.

Access: City centre of Cesson-Sévigné. Parking lot of the church in closeness.

Jardin du Manoir de Bourgchevreuil à Cesson-Sévigné Ville de Cesson-Sévigné.