#Technion ConnectedWorld

16ème édition de la Manifestation Annuelle du Technion France

The Technion France has perfectly understood the challenges that represent our connected

society in scientific, technological and economic fields, but also in fields that directly affect

our society. The 16th Edition of The Annual Symposium will be on the theme:

#TechnionConnectedWorld Towards the Union of Human Kind and Machine. It will take

place on December 10, 2018 and will gather alongside a delegation composed of prominent

researchers from the Technion, leaders of major French companies, business creators,

researchers and opinion leaders. They will share with the public their experience and their

vision on this theme become a real “challenge” for today and tomorrow society.

The first roundtable will allow to debate on Health, Wellness and Connected Nutrition

with the purpose of presenting the latest innovations in medical devices, products and

services dedicated to health and nutritional well-being in order to simplify the path and care

of the patient and optimize the effectiveness of health professionals.

The second roundtable will explain the issues around the Renaissance of Industry in the ecity

our new way of producing through 3D Printing, but also to discover the development of

the Autonomous Car. This roundtable will also be an opportunity to discuss on anticipates

tomorrow’s business requirements, a hot topic for our competitiveness and to answer to

the real needs of the market. This roundtable will approach the answers on new

organizational methods in the industry and on the level of the Human (collective

intelligence even increased collaborative).

Finally, the third roundtable will discuss about the future challenges of the coevolution of

Artificial Intelligence and the Human Intelligence as well as the ethical and legal

aspects of a responsible AI. The AI has entered an area giving birth to new hope, the area of

the individual who is able to free himself from certain tasks in order to focus on other

priorities while staking on the collective (health, wellness, social entrepreneurship).

This roundtable will be concluded on the deputy of the Essonne and Medal Field Cedric

Villani who will initiate a review on the sense that he wants to give to France and the

development of Artificial Intelligence.

Following this third roundtable, the #TechnionConnectedLab is a space dedicated to Startup,

at a human size, from the Technion Accelerator "The Drive", as well as Start-up from

Accelerators, SMEs, Large Groups and Competitiveness French partners of Technion

France and Technion will conclude this Scientific Day. The Connected Lab will put

Innovation at your fingertips and will be a moment of convergence between technology

providers, economic players, Start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs, putting the

Human at the center of value creation.

The Connected Lab represents a great opportunity for exchange and sharing with an

audience of investors, will allow creating the services of tomorrow that will facilitate daily use.

The symposium will be closed by a Gala Evening at the Maison de la Chimie which will

feature the famous Jazz bassist Avishai Cohen, followed by a Cocktail Networking in the

Salon d’Honneur of La Maison de la Chimie.