Guided tour of the exhibition "Au coup de sifflet! Rugby et Grande Guerre, une histoire commune"

Discover the new exhibition of the Museum of the Battle of Fromelles, At the whistle!


Discover the new exhibition of the Musée de la Bataille de Fromelles, Au coup de sifflet! At the end of the guided tour of the exhibition, a discovery of the portraits of rugbymen who took part in the Battle of Fromelles will be proposed to you in the Military Cemetery of Pheasant Wood.

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Rue de la basse Ville - 59249 Fromelles
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New museum and at the same level, answering driving Disability all standards. Current(In class) labelling. On July 19th and 20th, 1916, the Battle of Fromelles took place on 4 kilometres head-on. The 61th British division and the 5th Australian division opposed three Bavarian regiments. This attack caused(provoked) putting out of action of about 8500 men(people). This museum mixes(involves) archaeological and scientific techniques, history(story) and destiny of soldiers bound(connected) to the Battle of Fromelles.