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Meeting with author Sylvie Krier

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Meeting with author Sylvie Krier who will present her first novel Un cheval dans la tête, finalist of the award for the first novel 2019. The meeting will be followed by autographs. Presentation of the book: Jack, an outsider who loves freedom, raises horses. Helped by Chayton, a troubling individual, he struggles to make ends meet. His daughter, a teenage girl whom he barely knows, comes along, while Célie, a young enigmatic woman, struggles with a dying family story. Jack then takes the road to try to get out, going in front of strange adventures. And then one day, an industrialist offers him to acquire part of his herd. And to go and choose a stallion in Seville. Will this unexpected offer allow Jack to get his life back on track? The body-to-body between ideal and reality, sometimes epic, often moving, permeates in a captivating way all of Jack’s entourage and his livestock that resemble the Wild West ranch.