"The black, that shines! "Unusual visit of the High school Jean Jaurès

Come visit the Jean Jaurès high school at nightfall, guided by Pascale Chouffot, writer in residence at the high school, and her guests. Between words, light, shade(shadow), images, dance...

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It will be 6 pm. You will maybe be many, undoubtedly curious, at the said hour, to pass(spend,cross) the railings(bars) of the high school, and to group(include) you at the foot of the concrete sculpture which plays the sentry, crashed a little more low in the path, on your right. The high school is large, labyrinthine for those who do not know it. Your steps in the halo of your individual lamps, that they are of telephone, frontal or pocket you will sneak together with guides, in particular the pupils of option theatre of the high school, in some emblematic and mysterious places of the high school Jean-Jaurès. In every place its surprise, its light, its music, its words, its shadows which dance, his(her,its) images on his(her,its) walls. Haunted high school? Lived, living high school, by History(Story), history(story), its history(story) which continues more than ever to spell and to invent since almost sixty years. Meetings(Appointments) therefore at precise 6 pm, at the foot of the statue, equipped warmly and "clearly ". And, for those who wish it, bring of what to warm you / us at the end of our visits (participative drink and light meal). Guest of honour: Fatou Diarra, choreographer, film director, alumna of the high school. Adèle Liners, comedienne. [STOP_TRANSLATION]Claire Nazikian, professeur au lycée Jean-Jaurès, réalisatrice. Projection du court métrage des élèves de Claire Nazikian, "Les Yeux clos" (élèves de 1re, option cinéma, 2015), en leur présence. Lecture d'un extrait de roman d'Alain Gluckstein, auteur de nombreux romans.

high school, ecrivain, thriller, litteraire

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