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In search of the lost book

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Master(Teacher) Chassagne, member(limb) of the academy(regional education authority) of Arts and of the Letters of Madrid is appointed by the king in this January 1772, to get back the last volume of the encyclopédia Universalis de Diderot and of Alembert in Normandy...
Thinking to be in an inn, he insists that the gite and the place setting are given him, this is when it meets the astonished librarian to discover this character of another century.
That ci, announces him(her,it) of her mission:retrouver 28 ème volume of the encyclopaedias of Diderot in Alembert, will know how to help her(it) to you to her(it)?
These two people exchange a conversation around the book, around the network of libraries(bookcases), loans of books, operating procedures, modalities(methods) of animations (exhibitions(exposures), coffee(café) philosophy, public young shows, readings of tale, literary prices(prizes), evening poetry...)
The media library of Criel on sea enters library(bookcase) CCVS in network from January, 2018. The night of reading will be a chance to present by means of this show, the new functioning of the library(bookcase) and of its network.
This show will be presented on Saturday, January 20th at 17 h 30 and Sunday, January 21st at 15 h 00 open to every public.