An evening Jean Gruault / both Englishwomen and continent

Reading-cinema around the movie of François Truffaut, both Englishwomen and the continent

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Jean Gruault is a mainly known scriptwriter for his collaborations with François Truffaut, he also worked with Rossellini, Rivette, Resnais. In 1993, he(it) left to the Library(Bookcase) of the cinema his(its) personal archives. In programme: 19 h 15, "Reading-cinema" by the actress Hélène Lanscotte de la Compagnie The Way of books(pounds), of extracts from the novel two English and the continent of Henry-Pierre Roché, adapted and had talks by Jean Gruault and François Truffaut. Extracts from rare documents of the fund(collection) Jean Gruault illustrate the approach(initiative) of adaptation of work, and of construction of the movie. 20 h 30: projection of a movie the scriptwriter of which Jean Gruault is, chosen by the public that very evening, in a participative approach(initiative). To see: panels(signs) illustrating Truffaut's fruitful collaboration and Gruault, extracted from an old(former) exhibition(exposure) of the Library(Bookcase) of the Film archive(theatre).

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François Truffaut Jean Gruault cinema reading scenario