Author's meeting: Jo Witek author, around her work Mother, girl, mother etc.

Come meet the writer Jo Witek, the photographer Sylvie Goussopoulos and the women, mothers at the heart of the old(former) centre of Agde. Share their female models and cross their stories(trouble).

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"Mother, girl, mother etc. invite those who are never mediatized to think their history(story) of the present time. A History(Story), which however spells with THEM." Episode 1 presented a first exhibition(exposure) of the photographic portraits to the Museum agathois during European Heritage Days in September, 2016. For this Episode 2, the House media library of Knowledges gathers(combines), along its passageway, the photos of Sylvie Goussopoulos and the texts of Jo Witek, thanks to an intimate listening device of the literary portraits. Mother project, girl, mother etc. joins an approach(initiative) of collection promoted by archives by the residents of priority district of the city of Agde. He is carried by Direction(Management) Culture, accompanied by the Programme of Educational Success, supported by CAHM, DRAC Occitania, CGET as action(share) bound(connected) to the New Urban affairs and by SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE as part of the Network of Listening and of Support for the Parenthood.

Mothers, girls, portraits, women, life stories, Agde, the Hérault

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