Meeting with Alice Zeniter

Meeting with Alice Zeniter around her novel The Art of prerdre

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The library(bookcase) welcomes writer Alice Zeniter for its last novel, art to lose (Flammarion), Goncourt prize of the high school students 2017. «Algeria from which its family is originally has been for a long time for Naïma who(which) a backdrop without big(great) interest. However, in a French company(society) crossed by identity questions, everything seems to want to send(dismiss) it back to its origins. But what link could she have with a family history(story) which never was told it?» Critically acclaimed, this novel relates across a family saga the memory of Algerian conflict seen by the third generation, the refusal of determinism, backward movement(drop) and absence of judgment(sentence) of past.« In this powerful romantic fresco and daring person, Alice Zeniter tells destiny, between France and Algeria, of successive generations of a prisoner family of persistent(tenacious) past. But this book is also a big(great) novel on freedom to be one, beyond inheritances and intimate or social injunctions». Meeting is preceded of a reading of the comedienne Emmanuelle Rigaud and followed by a session of dedication. In partnership with the bookshop L' catch Hearts. [STOP_TRANSLATION]Alice Zeniter, née en 1986, est romancière, dramaturge et metteuse en scène de théâtre. Outre L’art de perdre, elle a également écrit Sombre dimanche (Albin Michel, 2013), prix du Livre Inter, prix des lecteurs de l’Express et prix de la Closerie des Lilas, et Juste avant l’oubli (Flammarion, 2015), prix Renaudot des lycéens. Sur réservation au ou sur

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