Murder Party

On the occasion of the Night of Reading, Rahin media libraries between local councils and Chérimont organise a big(great) Murder Party. Come lead the investigation and unmask the murderer

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The Night of Reading will take place on Saturday, January 20th, 2018. We suggest you participating in our first Murder Party. She(It) will take place in the room Low Georges Brassens de Plancher at 8 pm. This free animation addresses the teenagers and the adults. Will endorse you a role and a menerai the survey to unmask the murderer. Registrations(Inscriptions) are to give evidence or by SMS (0642813317) or by post ( before January 10th, 2018. Your index card(form) "character" will then be put back(handed) to you so that you could become soaked with it. Of course, any communication between participants regarding different roles will be to avoid, to preserve suspense until the end. A participative sideboard(buffet) will be present. Each will be able to bring what to it what will please him(her,it) (salted, sweetened, drink).

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