Lascaux and contemporary art

Lascaux opens the doors of its contemporary spaces for the European Night of Museums 2018! Explore links between different artistic works prehistoric and contemporary!

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Dan Courtice

On the occasion of the European Night of Museums 2018, Lascaux-Centre International of Art Pariétal gives you opportunity(occasion) to come visit the contemporary spaces: the Gallery of the Imagination and the temporary exhibition hall " Pariétal ". We organise for you mediations of 40 minutes around contemporary art, with a first visit set up at 20 h 00 and one second at 20 h 30. In the Gallery of the Imagination, come explore links between the different open artistic since pariétal art to the modern art around more than 90 digital screens, exposing(explaining) the works of recognised artists such as Short-sighted, Hidden or still Picasso. These works were chosen around the universe of Lascaux according to techniques, themes, modes(fashions) of representation and its artistic inspiration to deepen(fathom) the link existing between pariétal art and contemporary art. The gallery of the imagination shows you to what extent, the contemporary artists were influenced by planetary prehistoric arts, by drawing inspiration from plastic and graphic forms several times thousand-year-old. After your immersion in the Gallery of the Imagination, mediation continues towards the temporary exhibition hall " Pariétal ", managed by Olivier Kaeppelin, set up on the occasion of the 1st birthday(anniversary) of the Centre. Exhibition(Exposure) gathers(combines) four big(great) artists of different generations, Pierre Tal Coat, a.r. Penck, Daniel Dezeuze and Damiens Cabanes. "Pariétal" chose to make have talks the artists: they belong each asked the question to do something «with or against »the wall, the wall, and draw inspiration from natural inheritance and from space of the cave Lascaux. [STOP_TRANSLATION]Venez donc assister à travers différentes poétiques à l'expression de la nature où vous serez emportés par l'émotion profonde de ce grand flux de peinture qui coule depuis la préhistoire. Une médiation adaptée aux petits comme aux grands !

About the venue

Avenue de Lascaux, 24290 Montignac
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For the first time, Lascaux shows itself entirely. A complete and unpublished retort(replica) redraws the discovery of the famous adorned cave. But adventure does not stop there: the whole site questions on the place(square) that Lascaux in pariétal art and its report(relationship) with contemporary creation occupies. The opening of International Lascaux Centre of Art Pariétal (called also Lascaux 4) marks the beginning of a new adventure alloying the emotion of ancestral art and technological prowess.
The complete retort(replica) of the original cave is the culmination of three working years for the Workshops(Studios) of the Facsimiles of Périgord. This new space welcomes and invites the visitors to contemplate and to feel the authentic emotion of the discovery of the cave, to learn to observe it, to question it and to think about the environmental and cultural context in which it was realised.

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Lascaux - Centre International de l'Art Pariétal Dan Courtice