Bernard Dumerchez, publisher(editor), a life and books(pounds) and of art - Discovery of exhibition(exposure)

Guided tour of exhibition(exposure) by Bernard Dumerchez

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MUDO-MUSÉE of the Oise pays tribute in 35 years of edition(publishing) of Bernard Dumerchez, publisher(editor) of art of the Oise.

In the continuity of Just exhibition(exposure) of books(pounds), retrospective presented in 2009, exhibition(exposure) Bernard Dumerchez, publisher(editor), a life of books(pounds) and of art question the link which continues between art and book(pound) and underlines how the editorial adventure of Bernard Dumerchez joins contemporary creation. It presents about sixty artists' books(pounds) having talks with original works of contemporary art. Recognised artists, hopes of tomorrow and pioneers of the new ways of expression show the narrow link which joins book and art, as expression of a shape of clean(appropriate) art. Credits of image: Exhibition hall © MUDO-MUSÉE of the Oise / Alain Ruin

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1 rue du Musée, 60000 Beauvais
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MUDO-MUSÉE of the Oise is installed(settled) in the old(former) palace of the bishops counts of Beauvais. This set(group) remarkable, classified as "Historic Monument", contains a châtelet of entrance(entry) of the XIVth century, adorned with an extremely beautiful wall painting: sirens(mermaids) musicians. This châtelet is connected(bound) by a wing with the Palace Renaissance raised(brought up) for the bishop Louis-Villiers of L'Isle-Adam (1497-1521) on the foundations of a first building(ship) of the XIIth century.

Access: On foot since the parks by the train from Paris-Gare of the North By car by taken(brought) out A16 Beauvais - Centre by Bus and bike from the city centre. Parking lots Foch, Calvin and paid(profitable) Sts Laurent nearby.

Mudo - musée de l'Oise Vue du palais épiscopal de nuit © Conseil général de l'Oise