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The exhibition “Belgrade Atlas of Jovan Cvijić“, from the Belgrade City Museum, represents the backbone of the European Museum Night at our Museum, to which the other programs are related.

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Jovan Cvijić (1865-1927), eminent Serbian scientist, was the founder of the Serbian Geographical Society and the Geographical Institute, professor and rector of Belgrade University, president of the Serbian Royal Academy, honorary doctor of Paris-Sorbonne University and Charles University in Prague, participant of the Paris Peace Conference 1919-1920. He equally dealt with social and physical geography, geomorphology, geology, ethnography, anthropology and history. He is considered to be the founding father of karst science in the global context and the founding father of geography in the national context.

The exhibition thematically follows the life of Jovan Cvijić, from his grammar school days to his death in 1927. The manuscripts, photographs, books, geographic maps, personal belongings, furniture, medals, diplomas, travelling equipment and other authentic exhibits from the Legacy of Jovan Cvijić (the scientist's house at Kopitareva Gradina in Belgrade) will be displayed. The Legacy has been within the Belgrade City Museum since 1968, and in 2017, after the restoration of the building and wall painting decoration, it was opened for the public again.

The programmes during the European Museum Night includes:

18:00 Presentation of the Primary School “Jovan Cvijić” from Kraljevo and the manifestation “Cvijić’s Days“ – with the pupils of this school participating in the scene programme which revives scenes from Cvijić’s life.

18:30 Lecture “Jovan Cvijić from another Angle” – Dr Stevan Stanković, Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade and President of the Serbian Geographical Society will tell the children about less known details from the life of the great scientist.

19:30 Scene programme “Jovan Cvijić and Yugoslavs“– performed by the Drama Club of the Cultural-Artistic Society “Abrašević“ from Kraljevo, with the actor Dragan Pešić as Cvijić and the audience that will be able to talk to him, as well as with the presentation of costumes of Yugoslav nations.

20:00 Concert of the Choir of the Cultural-Artistic Society “Abrašević“.

21:00 “Dances of Yugoslav Nations“ – Ensemble of the Cultural-Artistic Society “Abrašević“.

18-22 Special programme: the museum hosted by The Museum of Fruit Preserves – The House of The Cvetić Family, (Cara Lazara Str. 2, Kraljevo).

The Cvetić family, through its Museum of Fruit Preserves, a traditional sweet treat which is served by every Serbian family while welcoming guests, presents its family heritage, as a part of collective civic identity and valuable cultural wealth of Serbia, which has been cherished by this house for more than a century. During the European Museum Night, Museum of Fruit Preserves presents its collection of old recipes for fruit preserves and organizes an exchange of recipes with the visitors.

Source: Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

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