Skin is a landscape

When ceramics explore the fascinating structures of snake and lizard skins.

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Muséum Genève/Marie Colella

The result of a dialogue between the Museum's scientific teams and the ceramist Anne Larouzé, the exhibition offers a new way of looking at the scaled skins of lizards and snakes.
When the skin becomes a landscape, a source of wonder and learning in contact with ceramic works, scientific images and natural history collections.
Inspired by her observations at the Museum, the artist Anne Larouzé tries her hand at metamorphosis to share her fascination for the infinite variety and incredible biological complexity of squamate skins. In this invitation to travel guided by the search for what makes a material appear to us as "from the living", the skins become worlds in themselves, planets, "landscapes", blurring the border between living and inert.

An art-science exhibition, developed between the scientific and technical teams of the Museum and Anne Larouzé during her research residency in the fall of 2020 in Geneva as part of a grant from the Bruckner Foundation in Carouge.

A Carte Blanche showcase will also be presented at the Ariana Museum from October 16th 2021 to January 9th 2022.
In collaboration with the Ariana Museum and the Bruckner Foundation for the promotion of ceramics.

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