Teens X Petit Black Movie: Les affranchies

Decolonisation, gender and sustainability: animated films for teenagers that address these three important and current societal issues. Auditorium. Sunday 29 January 2023 from 16:30 to 17:40.

Los enemigos

The MEG and the Petit Black Movie are joining forces for the screening of a series of short films.

The MEG's ciné-dimanches continue to focus on three essential and current notions: decolonisation, gender and sustainability.

Documentary, fiction and animation films addressing these themes will be screened free of charge in the Museum's Auditorium on several Sundays per month.

Once a month, there will be a special children's and teenagers' programme as part of the Ciné-dimanches Kids and Teens.

Finding one's place in a world that privileges the male gender, being ostracized, considered as a witch, finding oneself stuck in an arranged marriage, approaching puberty without the support of a mother... Being a girl or becoming a woman is not always easy, especially in a patriarchal society. While the films do not sugarcoat the sometimes painful reality of their daily lives, they hint at the possibility of emancipation for their young heroines.

Programme content:

  • Los enemigos, Ana Katalina Carmona, Colombia
  • Only the Devil Hates Water, Lidija Mojsovska, Northern Macedonia
  • Lori - Melancholy of my Mother's Lullabies, Abinash Bikram Shah, Nepal
  • Rooster, Myo Aung, Myanmar
  • Alma y Paz, Cris Gris, Mexico

In collaboration and as part of the Petit Black Movie.

Legal age: 10 years / Suggested age: 12 years

Running time: 66 minutes.