Sunday Movie : Ady Gasy

Decolonisation, gender and sustainability: a film cycle that addresses three important and current societal issues. Auditorium. Sunday 5 February 2023, from 16:30 to 17:30.

Laterit Production

MEG's Sunday movies continue for a season around three essential and current notions: decolonisation, gender and sustainability.

Documentary, fiction and animation films addressing these themes will be screened free of charge in the Museum's Auditorium on several Sundays each month.

As part of the February "RDV pour réfléchir et agir", the film "Ady Gasy" by Lova Nantenaina will be screened in the museum auditorium.

"The Chinese make the objects, the Malagasy repair them."
There are those who make shoes from tyres, those who make lamps from tin cans, those who make soap and medicines from zebu bones... Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. In Madagascar, people defy the crisis with inventiveness without losing their identity and their sense of humour. By relying on an oral tradition that is always dignified, often playful or comical, sometimes distressed or revolted, but never bitter.

Film in original version with French subtitles.