Series of lectures: Cambodian pop-rock music of the 1960s and its popularity in Cambodian communities today

Musical Memory as Cultural Heritage in the Cambodian Diaspora in the United States.Wednesday 26 October at 4 pm. Link details for live streaming in the text.

Cambodia in the 1960s saw the emergence of a pop and rock scene whose creativity and cultural roots made it a defining movement of its time, before the Khmer Rouge regime abruptly cut it off. Today, this music is still very popular in Cambodian communities around the world and offers a unique platform to discuss the role of music and the memories associated with the musical experience in the intergenerational transmission of cultural knowledge. Speaker: Stephanie Khoury, Tufts University (USA).
The conference will be streamed live on the Faceboook page of the Master in ethnomusicology:
Next dates: Wednesday 9 November at 16:00 and Wednesday 7 December at 4 pm.