Crossed views

An exhibition of photographs on the border

Bibliothèque de Genève

Gédéon Regard and Adrien Bonnefoy, image-makers in the countryside at the beginning of the 20th century, immortalised the inhabitants of "Grand Genève" long before it was named. Surveying the territory, the two Savoyard photographers, originally from Feigères and Fillinges, have frozen their land in time. They have both left a unique view of the Genevan countryside.

An exhibition proposed by the Bibliothèque de Genève and Paysalp, an association that promotes the heritage of Haute-Savoie.

Saturday 11 February at 10:30 am, 45 minutes
by Eloi Contesse, curator and head curator of the Centre d'iconographie de la Bibliothèque de Genève

Couloir des coups d'œil, first floor of the Bibliothèque de Genève, promenade des Bastions 8, 1205 Geneva
Free admission

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Promenade des Bastions 8, 1205 Genève