Pop Up - Spring variations around the collections

For an extended spring, we invite you to discover rarely seen objects from the Baur collection as well as a selection from donations, through the prism of the seasons and the living world.

Fondation Baur

From April 4, the time of an extended spring, punctuated by numerous workshops, events and conferences, the museum will amaze you and fill your senses, for a visit in a different way, but just as culturally enriching.
Pop up of ephemeral showcases, like so many variations around our collections: saber ornaments, netsuke, fabrics, satsuma stoneware or snuffboxes... a hundred objects come out of their reserve to celebrate spring, the living world and seasonal celebrations .
During an extended spring, new spaces are opening up to you! Doors open to the Japanese garden, every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon. And ephemeral installation of a “Tea house with a view” in the room with the fountain.

About the venue

Rue MUNIER-ROMILLY 8, 1206 Genève