Once upon a time...

Tales and legends by GENEVEGAS.Saturday 22 October, permanent exhibition, from 11 am to noon.

Ciel Sourdeau

Once upon a time... there was a land of fire by a lake called Lake Geneva. A land where ogresses, witches, fairies and mermaids lived in harmony in a joyful sabbath!

Spells, steaming cauldrons and milk teeth are not fables and nonsense but true stories of a living culture, in flesh and blood and in glitter.

Tales and legends for young and old, told by GENEVEGAS in the heart of the MEG's permanent exhibition.

22 October: Chapter 1: Vague tales of the mermaid and the sirein of Lake Geneva by MOON and Luigi.

26 November: Chapter 2: Muggle Legends by BALLKANIKA TRAUMA and Sabrina OBERLIN.

17 December: Chapter 3: Ogresses in distress by ICONYX and AMBER the late Amber the bitch.

Free activity with compulsory registration.
Children from 5 years old.