November 9, 1932 in posters [Jeudi midi de l'affiche]

A look back at a major event in the history of Geneva in posters.

Noël Fontanet, [1933]

Geneva, November 1932, the army fires on the crowd during an anti-fascist demonstration, killing 13 people and injuring 65. 90 years later, a selection of posters will allow us to look back at the context and political use of these events, from the aftermath of the shooting to the present day.

Patrick Auderset, coordinator of the Collège du Travail, is one of the organisers of the exhibition to mark the 90th anniversary of the events.

In collaboration with the Collège du Travail

In connection with this conference: exhibition on the shooting of 9 November 1932, from 26 October to 20 November 2022 on the Plaine de Plainpalais.

As part of the Jeudis midi de l’affiche series.

Free admission
Start of the conference at 12:15
Approximately 45 minutes, followed by a discussion

Bibliothèque de Genève, Catalogue Room
Promenade des Bastions 8
1205 Geneva

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Poster credit: Noël Fontanet, [1933]

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