Masters of Imagination

An exhibition consisting of several hundred original drawings by the most renowned children's book illustration artists in Europe and the United States.

© Boris Baruchet

The exhibition features a selection of drawings, prints and photographs that project visitors into a multitude of imaginary worlds. These illustrations of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen or the Grimm brothers, 19th century novels or contemporary works reveal the artistic profusion of children’s literature.

The four cabinets devoted to works on paper are hosting the collection of the Fondation « Les Maîtres de l’Imaginaire », given on long term loan to the Works on paper department since 2021. This ensemble consists of books and several hundred original drawings by artists renowned for their work in children’s book illustration, both in Europe and the United States (André François, Alain Le Foll, Étienne Delessert, Chris Sheban, Eleonore Schmid...).

About the venue

Rue Charles-GALLAND 2, 1206 Genève